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19 May 2006 @ 07:43 pm
Theme: CSI NY Season 2
Batch: 4 100/100
Themes: All AC
Number of icons in batch: 50

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13 January 2006 @ 06:25 pm
Ok, this is what happens when you watch the show with your laptop infront of you...

HODGES: Would you ever bleach your hair?

(Sara glances up at Hodges nearby.)

HODGES: I wouldn't. It's so Greg Sanders.
13 January 2006 @ 06:21 pm
Nearly wet myself at Doc Robbins delivery of this line:

ROBBINS: Highlights include band-aids, wood chips, hair and half a snapshot.



GRISSOM: Pica is a compulsion to eat non-nutritive food items. It's from the
Latin word for magpie, a bird with a large and indiscriminate appetite.
13 January 2006 @ 06:37 pm
GRISSOM: This table's cracked.

(Greg looks at Grissom. Grissom kneels down and finds something else on the table.)

GRISSOM: And we have what appears to be ejaculate.

(Greg looks around. He sees some stains on the bed sheets.)

GREG: Me, too. This guy was a machine.

GRISSOM: And he got around.

(Greg shrugs. Grissom stands up.)

GRISSOM: Have Sara process the sheets, and then pull the hotel surveillance.

GREG: Got you. We want to see who came ... and went.
13 January 2006 @ 02:45 pm
GRISSOM: I've enjoyed working with you.

CATHERINE: Which part? The part where I got in your face or the part where I,
uh, lost evidence, or uh, maybe you just miss me.

GRISSOM: I did miss you. I missed your passion and your tenacity. I even
missed your tush.

In other news, found an awesome site with transcripts of every episode! CSI transcripts!Collapse )

13 January 2006 @ 12:13 pm
NICK: So your saying, two generations from now, four-year-olds are just gonna be getting trashed?

HODGES: Pre-school graduation parties are going to be off the hook.